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From David McGraw, M.Sc

Dear Friends,

What I've discovered from working with thousands of clients over the last 20 years, is that YOU are incredible! And powerful.

(Even if you don't entirely believe it yet)

You have the courage within. Always have.

But it's your Subconscious Mindset, Beliefs, Habits and Decisions that keep you from experiencing your true courage.

No matter what you may be experiencing right now, you can choose a better path.

But when we're feeling unsure, stressed, confused, or just plain stuck, it's hard to see that we hold the key to our own freedom.

You can unlock your own greatness!

With over two decades of experience, hundreds of testimonials, I believe the tools I use can get you unstuck, empowered and completely in charge of your life!


My expertise is being able to take my clients deep into their intuitive mind where they can safely and effectively overcome mental blocks, fears, limiting beliefs and obstacles.

I use tools from a variety of disciplines including Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Meditation, and Hypnosis. I’ve combined these tools into a recipe that works (I call it Neuro-Editing Technology) and I’ve used it to Coach tens of thousands of clients to improve their lives.

When you work with me, you will:

  • Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on what you really want - Wealth. Success. Health. Relationships.
  • Rewire unconscious barriers that are hiding your TRUE CONFIDENT SELF from emerging.
  • Crush stress and overwhelm so you can be consistently CONFIDENT.
  • Embody Peak-Performance states so you can BE YOUR BEST YOU.
  • Release ALL negative thoughts that keep you from being your TRUE HIGHEST SELF.

No fluff. No gimmicks. No Woo. Just clear, concise, powerful methods of levelling up.

To experience what it feels like to Conquer fear. Show up for yourself. Step into your core power.

And move forward.

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Hi David, since listening to your Neuro-Editing Technology™ Wealth Series, I have cleared 50k in debt... Increased my business by 500% and made Partner in a large Global Firm. I certainly have a great story to tell!

Cassie Owen

Meet Danielle, She lost 90lbs in 3 months!!

"I just wanted to thank you for changing my life!! After my divorce I listened to your weight loss visualizations every night as I went to bed. I lost 90lbs in 3 months!! I’m a firm believer in everything you do and recommend you to everyone I know!! Thank you so much!!

Danielle Marie Mansfield

Since becoming a member of your site I have gone from being homeless, unemployed, and overweight, with diagnoses of major depressive disorder, PTSD, and bipolar... It's ALL changed. I bought the car and brand new home of my dreams! I’m working the job of my dreams, I’ve lost 55 pounds, quit smoking and drinking, got healthy... My whole LIFE has changed! Again, thank you!

Martin Crow

I listen to these sessions as a matter of habit when I am facing personal and professional challenges. I have previewed many of David McGraw's programs and recommend him highly to patients and friends.

Dr. Ahimsa Porter

Hi David. I have been using your Neuro-Editing Technology™ for a PTSD diagnosis that I received while working for the RCMP and your Restful Sleep cured my insomnia at a point in time when I was really very sick with it. Thank you,

Rebeca W, RCMP

David, I continue to use your amazing sessions religiously and have been telling everyone I know about them. I can feel a huge difference when I skip a day or two. ‬Your sessions are the best and just most wonderful I have ever experienced in my life. I listen to them religiously.

Mariam Chemmoss Multi-Talented Actress and Musician

This is the best investment I make every month. I've been a member for years now and would honestly never be without it! 100% changed my life. I do a session every single day!


“I cannot express how dramatically my awareness, confidence, and peace have increased. I have struggled with stress and anxiety at times over the past few years and in days, I feel as if I have been totally freed of these negative drains on my life and my joy."

Kathleen M.

Hi David, I've been a members for 6 years! Your recordings have helped me so much in my life to overcome my fears and pursue my dreams! I've come a long way with my vision, and believing in myself! Your service is truly useful to me, and I love all of your recordings so much!

Andrea Taylor

Dear David, I have started listening to your sessions, especially the weight loss sessions, in January 2015 at least every night before I fall asleep, and since then really a lot of changes did happen in my life – especially coming with the weight loss and I realize it must have to do with your sessions!

I did not only lose about 24 pounds of weight and turned to eating mainly healthy food, I also gained lots of muscles. I don’t have hip nor knee aches any more. Never before did I do regular workouts almost every morning, never before did I get up earlier every day to do the workouts. Even if it is only 15 minutes every day – more often 30 minutes or more + going walking, swimming etc. regularly – it seems to reshape my body, help my joints and make me feel more fit, healthy and lively than ever before (and I’m 53)! And even more than that I let my hair grow, care more for my looks than before, I can wear much nicer cloths, dresses I couldn’t even have dreamt of to be able to wear. Coming with that I get lots of compliments, both from men and women and I realize that I obviously have become an attractive woman, getting reactions to being attractive.

I have not been an ugly duck, yet being looked at as an attractive woman is not one of the experiences I had. But I experience that now – and it is something that is surely a very nice and quite easy thing to become used to! :-).

In fact when I look at myself now in a mirror I see the ME I have always seen and dreamt of I wanted to be and look like. It certainly also has got to do with what is going through all your sessions – learning to love oneself, letting go of fear and a bad self-picture, not daring to think highly of oneself, old education imprintings. You gave us words like ‘I am whole – perfect – strong …” – wow what an impact this has listening to it regularly and after all internalizing it!

So I cannot thank you enough for your great help through your work and may God bless you and your loved ones!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Neuro-Editing Techniques™ work?

The Membership website provides over 100 streaming audio sessions that are designed to create lasting change in your life. These audio sessions create changes in your thoughts and behaviors through positive affirming messages, allowing you to release any negativity and anything that no longer serves you.

Are they safe?

Yes! Absolutely safe and very relaxing! Just ask our Members

How do I become an affiliate?

Affiliate applications are available in the Members area. Once accepted, you'll have access to all the affiliate tools to help you grow and multiply your profitable affiliate business.

Do you offer refunds?

Because I offer a free 30-day trial, I find that 30-days is a sufficient amount of time to know if you'd like to stay a member or not. I believe this is more than fair. So because of this, I don't provide refunds (unless it's an unusual case). And, of course, it's simple to cancel and you won't be charged before the 30-day trial.

What do I get with the 30-day free trial?

You get 30-days of full access to my membership library with over 100+ Neuro-Editing Techniques™ on everything from success mindset, confidence superchargers, wealth-building to weight loss, stress release and loving relationships.

Do I have to download anything?

Nope! Zero downloading required. Simply relax in your favorite chair, put on a pair of headphones (optional) push play and allow yourself to relax.

And if I decide it’s not for me?

Simply cancel your membership below, no charges, no questions asked!

What is the cost of the membership fee?

After your 30-day free trial, (if you like it) your members fee will be only $47/mo

How do I get instant access?

The registration will only take 3 minutes. Enter your payment information on our secure website and you'll be taken to a registration form. Simply fill out your own unique username and password and you're all set to log in.

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All my best,




P.S. By the way, I’ve taken everything I've studied over the last 20 years and put it into my new 30-Day Success Challenge. You’ll simply listen to a new success visualization session every day for a month, showing you how to break through any fears and re-wire your mind for greatness. The best part? You can take the entire challenge for FREE for a limited time only. 

P.P.S. I have seen thousands of ordinary people, after just one session, awaken profound insights and develop a robust process of transformation that helped them to emerge as someone more confident, more expansive, and much more authentic than the small, separate selves they had previously believed themselves to be.

FREE for 30-days - then if you like it only $47/monthly - Cancel Anytime - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!