With over 6,000,000 downloads, listened to in more than 150 nations, David’s Neuro-Editing Hypnosis sessions bring dynamic and permanent transformation to people worldwide.

I've been a member for years now and would honestly never be without it! No matter what is happening in your life, on any given day you can find exactly the right meditation that you need. I can't quite put into words the impact these meditations have had (and continue to have) on my life. I recommend becoming a member to everyone!

- Stacey Hill

I listen to these visualizations as a matter of habit when I am facing personal and professional challenges. I have previewed many of David McGraw's programs and recommend him highly to patients and friends.

- Dr. Ahimsa Porter

Hi David, I've been a members for 6 years! Your recordings have helped me so much in my life to overcome my fears and pursue my dreams! I've come a long way with my vision, and believing in myself! Your service is truly useful to me, and I love all of your recordings so much!

- Andrea Taylor

If you have ever felt that there was something within you blocking your success in life, sabotaging your goals, and preventing you from reaching your desired success, you are correct.

The truth is, there is one source of all your struggles, frustrations, stress, unhappiness, and self-doubt. This one source is your subconscious mind - the hidden area of your mind that contains all your old hurtful, awful, painful experiences and then turns them all against you - sabotaging your success over and over again.

With Neuro-Editing Hypnosis, you will discover how to take back the power of your subconscious mind - freeing you to experience a remarkable life filled with health, wealth, and happiness.

You’ll no longer have to experience self-doubt, anxiety, negative thinking, and repetitive failures. Neuro-Editing will help you to finally take charge of your life.

The Success Pillars you’ll discover with Neuro-Editing:

Start your adventure today! Take a free 30-day trial and write your own success story today.

Get instant access to over 90 Neuro-Editing sessions today free and then, if you like it, only $27/monthly - cancel anytime - 30-day money back guarantee - simple!

About David McGraw, M.Sc:

A Harvard Medical School-Trained Meditation and Peak Performance Specialist who has discovered and created programs to battle his own severe depression, relentlessly low self-esteem, and extreme poverty. David McGraw has used his techniques to inspire a movement of health, wealth, and happiness, reaching every continent on earth. With over 6 Million downloads of his Neuro-Editing Hypnosis sessions, his breakthroughs have transformed millions of lives to enjoy greater satisfaction, success, and true happiness.


I'm sober! Alcohol and drugs are no longer a part of my life!! I've lost over 50 pounds, manifested my dream job, bought the car of my dreams and also the brand new home of my dreams. My life continues to EXPAND. I'm LIMITLESS!!!! Thank you David and everyone involved!!! I owe my life to you and your webpage!!!! My palms are together and my head is bowed!!! Namaste

- Martin Crow


David, I continue to use your amazing sessions religiously and have been telling everyone I know about them. I can feel a huge difference when I skip a day or two. ‬Your sessions are the best and just most wonderful I have ever experienced in my life. I listen to them religiously.

- Mariam Chemmoss Multi-Talented Actress and Musician


Hands down the best investment I make every month. 100% changed my life in every single way!

- Keith Kalfas

How Do I Access The Recordings?

Simply create a username and password, log in and you'll have instant access to everything.

Are The Recordings Downloadable?

The recordings are not downloadable. The files are simply too big too many. You can easily stream all of the sessions 24/7 with an internet connection. 

What If I Decide To Cancel?

No problem. Simply contact us and we can cancel your account for you. No questions asked.

What Is Neuro-Editing Hypnosis?

  One of David's most innovative and powerful hypnosis recordings for transformation are Neuro-Editing Hypnosis sessions, which allow you to hear his voice on several tracks that overlap with each other.  During each Neuro-Editing session, the tracks are designed to penetrate deep into your subconscious so it can release old toxic programming that no longer serves you. You’ll experience a much higher level of relaxation, instant calm, improved sense of well-being, protection from stress-related diseases, and many other physical and emotional benefits. 

Do You Offer Personal Coaching?

David's personal coaching service is currently full. He does offer coaching to Members when available.

Do You Have A Guarantee?

Yes a full 60-day guarantee! If you're unhappy with your results (or anything else) just let us know and we'll refund every penny.

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