10 Behaviors that Block Happiness


We all seek that elusive quality of “happiness.” Here are some things you can place your awareness on and STOP so you can be happier.

  1. Impressing. What you have —your possessions, your accomplishments—don’t result in real relationship or lasting happiness.
  2. Blaming. Your response to any situation is your choice. Try making it a learning opportunity—taking responsibility is empowering.
  3. Controlling. It doesn't help you feel good about yourself. Honor your boundaries, but make space for others' needs and choices, too.
  4. Criticizing. We are all unique and different, not better or worse. Appreciate the differences instead of zeroing in on shortcomings.
  5. Whining. Complaining is ineffective, whereas asking for what you want is liberating.
  6. Clinging to what is known. When you’re feeling afraid or insecure, be willing to let go of the familiar, take a risk and try something new.
  7. Being Ungrateful. Stay aware of all the gifts and blessings that you do have. Express gratitude and happiness will follow.
  8. Preaching. Another form of judging. Find more fun and empowering ways to share your knowledge.
  9. Negative Self-talk. Train yourself to notice your mind's chatter. Working towards changing negative thoughts to positive ones will transform your life.
  10. Fear. Don’t let fear get in the way of progress. Whatever you’ve been dreaming, get going on it. "Feel the fear and do it anyway."

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