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Meet Danielle,

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"I just wanted to thank you for changing my life!! After my divorce I listened to all of your (30) new weight loss meditations every night as I went to bed. I lost 90lbs in 3 months!! I’m a firm believer in everything you do and recommend you to everyone I know!! Thank you so much!!"

Danielle Marie Mansfield

Is excess weight stopping you from living a happy, healthy life?

You’ve struggled with your weight for years…

Your weight has been a problem for as long as you can remember. You always imagined
you’d do something about it one day, but it seems to have taken on a life of its own.

You don’t know when you lost control, but years later, here you are:

  • Feeling trapped in a body you don’t love
  • Plagued by chronically low self-esteem
  • Drowning in feelings of shame and guilt
  • A prisoner to your cravings
  • Stuck in a never-ending cycle of emotional eating
  • Aching, exhausted and afraid for your health
  • Sitting on the sidelines, missing out on life

Nothing seems to work…

Low-carb, no-carb, all-carb, caveman… Name a diet and you’ve tried it. Some were more
successful than others, but no matter how hard you tried, you always regained the weight.

Every. Single. Time.

I’ve developed the Advanced 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge to help you to lose your excess weight once and for all.

 Every day for 30 days,

you’ll get access to a new powerful visualization session, where I’ll:

  • Teach you time-tested strategies for setting and sticking to your goals
  • Show you how to take ownership of your dreams and reclaim your power
  • Help you to break down negative habits, behaviors and limiting beliefs
  • Show you how to identify and overcome self-sabotage
  • Guide you as you create your own weight loss reality

My ultimate goal is to help you free your mind, love your body and change your life. By the end of the Advanced 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge, nothing will be able to stop you from achieving your weight loss dreams.

 Are you ready for a challenge?

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How incredible would it feel to finally love your body?


 I want you to imagine for a second that it is possible to achieve your dream body. Push
aside all of the doubts, the concerns, the past failures. Quiet that nagging voice that says
you can’t do it.

Just step into the future and be your slim, happy and healthy self for a few moments.
Immerse yourself in how wonderfully, deliciously, awesomely incredible it is to:

  • Feel amazing in your own skin
  • Love what you see when you look in the mirror
  • Wear the stylish clothes you’ve only envied until now
  • Feel healthy, strong, energetic and full of life
  • Never give into cravings or emotional eating again
  • Kiss yo-yo dieting goodbye once and for all


  • Noemi Schalli
    Noemi Schalli - Hi David, Just wanted to say hi and thank you for your amazing recordings. I’ve been listening to your recordings almost every night before bed, or during sleep, and I can’t tell you how amazing I feel. My life has changed drastically, I no longer feel depressed, the spiral of negativity is over and I wake up with energy and hunger for doing and achieving more. I continue listening to your recordings to be successful in my job and in sports as well.
  • Emma Melaney
    Emma Melaney - Thank you so much for all your weight loss sessions! I have listened for only a week now and I don't crave junk food anymore! I feel totally energized when I wake up in the morning and I don't feel depressed anymore. The biggest difference is I have lost 7lbs in this week only another 70lbs to go to hit my goal weight of 12 stone! Update: I've lost 39lbs!
  • Martin C
    Martin C - Just a note to say thank you! Since becoming a member to your site I have gone from being homeless, unemployed, overweight, and several diagnoses from the VA, major depressive disorder, PTSD, Bi-polar... It's ALL changed, working the job of my dreams, lost 55 pounds, quit smoking and drinking, got healthy... My whole LIFE has changed! Again, Thank you!

Imagine the life you could have without excess weight holding you back…


If you could wave a wand and become this future version of yourself right now, what would your life look like?

You’d wake up every morning feeling refreshed, recharged and energized, instead of sluggishly
dreading the day ahead.
Meal times would be moments of joyous indulgence with healthy, nutritious foods, instead of
painful, calorie-controlled ordeals.
Exercise would no longer be a chore. You’d happily pull on your running shoes and hit the
pavement, because exercise is a sacred time to connect with your body and mind.
You’d be 100% in control of your body, no longer a slave to cravings, emotional eating and yo-yo
Scales and mirrors would no longer hold any power over you because you love how your body
looks, and you know you’re so much more than a number.


Don’t you deserve to live this life? It doesn’t have to be a dream, and you have the power to make it a reality.


Click the button below to learn powerful techniques for creating your dream body and your dream life.

What makes these techniques different?

Issues with weight management often stem from deep subconscious influences, such as
lifelong habits, ingrained beliefs and past trauma.
It’s difficult to access these things on a conscious level. So people struggle in vain to
change their habits, never really knowing why they fail again and again.
The 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge uses a combination of deep relaxation and powerful
visualizations, with elements of hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to help
you overcome these obstacles.
This is a highly effective technique because it allows you to access your subconscious and
process the underlying issues that have been keeping you from losing weight.

Wait - hypnosis? Does that work?


Hypnosis is just one of many tools used in the 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
It works so well that one of my clients, a doctor, refers my weight loss visualizations to his
own patients!

There are many misconceptions about hypnosis, largely thanks to exaggerated portrayals
by the entertainment industry. People walking around in trances and clucking like
chickens makes for interesting television, but it’s a far cry from genuine hypnosis.
Most importantly, you are always in control. You’re not in a trance, and you can’t be made
to do anything you don’t want to do. If you’re uncomfortable at any time, you have the
irrevocable power to stop.
True hypnosis simply involves guiding you into a deeply relaxed state, so that you can
access parts of your subconscious that would normally be out of reach. In conjunction
with meditation and visualization exercises, it’s an incredibly effective technique that
should never be feared!

Are you ready to free your mind, love you body and change your life?

You’ve waited long enough to have your dream body and your dream life. Don’t wait
another moment longer.

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Here is what you get when you get started today!

Week #1


Day 1: Setting Your Powerful Intention

I’ll take you through powerful visualization exercises to embed your intention into your subconscious mind and manifest your new reality – as a healthy and slim, confident and empowered woman.

Day 2: Believe In Yourself

This day’s powerful visualizations work to wash away doubts and replace them with affirmations of love and self-belief to help you recognize your own worth and believe in your unique value..

Day 3: Permission To Let Go

I’ll walk you through how to give yourself permission to let go of the physical, emotional and spiritual weight you’ve been carrying and give yourself permission to break down those walls and release the true, authentic you to change your life.


Day 4: Stepping Into Your Best Life

During this session we’ll explore how life looks through your eyes now that you’ve achieved your weight loss goals. You’ll see the world from an entirely new perspective, experiencing the confidence and empowerment that comes with your beautiful new body.

Day 5: Road To Healthy Habits

You’ll hear how you are always in control of your destiny, and you have the power to turn around at any time. Right now, in this very moment, you can choose to discover new healthy habits and follow the path to your weight loss dream.

Day 6: The Secret Health Formula

The law of attraction gives you the power for manifesting a fit, healthy and beautiful body as you will align your subconscious mind with your goals so you will unconsciously move towards it in everything you do, until it becomes your reality.

Day 7: Self-Esteem & The Ultimate You

This day’s powerful visualization shows you how to practice forgiving yourself. You’ll let go of those limiting self- beliefs and regrets that keep you overweight and unhappy, learning to love, honor and accept yourself unconditionally.

Week #2


Day 8: Crave Exercise

By using a technique called future pacing you’ll be able to visualize the vibrant, healthy, strong version of yourself so you are naturally and effortlessly motivated to develop a routine, and you’ll be empowered to stick to it.

Day 9: Weight Loss Metabolism Boost

I’ll guide you into a deep relaxation and show you how to access the metabolic control room in your mind where you can train your mind to regulate your metabolism and provide your body with the energy it needs to supercharge your metabolism to boost your weight loss.

Day 10: The Swish Technique

In this session you’ll use the NLP-based exercise called the Swish Technique. You’ll ‘swish’ any negativity aside and explore positive alternatives to replace your thoughts, beliefs and actions to drive you towards your weight loss and health goals.

Day 11: Releasing The Guilt

I’m going to guide you to a safe, deeply relaxed state and help you to make peace with your past and allow yourself to let go of the guilt and shame you’ve been carrying with you. You’ll look at yourself with love and respect, and give yourself permission to move forward towards your weight loss goals.

Day 12: Think Yourself Thin

During this enlightening session you’ll change your internal self-talk to refer to yourself as the slim, healthy person, as you ignore any negative references to your former heavier self. You’ll make the choices of a thin person, and you’ll have the body of a thin person as a result.


Day 13: Sculpting Your Dream Body

I’ll teach you how to tap into the incredible artistic capabilities that already exist within your mind, and show you how to use them to create the beautiful, healthy body you’ve always wanted.

Day 14: Ideal Weight

I’m going to show you how to unlock the part of your subconscious mind where your habits take root. I’ll then guide you through an honest conversation with your subconscious self, where you’ll allow yourself to let go and move towards more beneficial habits.

Day 15: Banish The Root Cause (Free Download)

I’ll guide you through a regression to explore your past experiences. You may experience events as they happened, almost like a dream so you can process your experiences from a safe vantage point, re-framing the experience and letting go of the negative emotions surrounding it.

Week #3


Day 16: Take Back Your Power

In today’s session, I’m going to create a safe space in your subconscious mind where you can come face-to-face with that person, or people, and reclaim your power from them. You’ll feel invincible as your power flows through your veins, ready to smash any obstacles standing between you and your weight loss.

Day 17: Intuitive Eating

Today, I want to show you how to untangle these complex relationships between food and emotion by reverting to intuitive eating so you’ll intuitively know what’s best for you. You’ll instinctively recognize negative emotions that trigger unhelpful eating behaviors, and you’ll be drawn instead towards positive choices.

Day 18: Weight Loss Maintenance

In today’s session, I’m going to teach you how to avoid falling back into the old, negative habits that led to your weight gain and help you mentally anchor to your new self. Your new, healthy habits will be embedded deeply into your subconscious and you’ll be empowered to lose your weight and keep it off permanently.

Day 19: The Hunger Scale

In today’s session, we’ll reconnect to your body’s natural hunger scale. I’ll guide you into a deeply relaxed state so you’ll be able to recognize genuine hunger and separate it from the harmful emotional triggers that have been sabotaging your weight loss goals.

Day 20: Crave Water

Water can eliminate food cravings and make you feel fuller, helping you to resist the urge to overeat so drinking lots of water is absolutely essential to weight loss. I’ll use proven visualization techniques to help you crave water to strengthen your connection to this incredible, life-enhancing substance and channel its power to reach your weight loss goals.

Day 21: Ultimate Weight Loss

In this session you’ll step into the mind of your future self without the burden of excess weight. You’ll feel confident, powerful and strong, no longer tempted to hide away or turn to food for comfort. Weight loss will come effortlessly, and the vision of your slim, happy future self will become your reality.

Week #4


Day 22: Positive Role Model

When you lose a lot of weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle, there will be many people who’ll be absolutely thrilled for you and others who seem to want to sabotage your efforts. Today we’ll work through some visualizations to help you to resist the pressure from these would-be saboteurs. This way you’ll feel strong and empowered when you say no to the temptations of sabotage.

Day 23: Self Discovery

In today’s visualization, I’m going to take you into a relaxed state and down the path towards your weight loss goal. I’ll guide you through any obstacles. You’ll process everything about it, noting how it feels to be surrounded by it, calm and unafraid and then can leave it behind.

Day 24: Releasing Stress

Being able to cope with stress in a healthy manner is absolutely essential to successful weight loss. Today we’re going to focus on managing stressful situations and taking control of how you react to them so you can dissolve those powerful ties between stress and food once and for all.

Day 25: Secret Law Of Expectation

You’ll see yourself being able to "have it all" and arriving easily at your goal - what it feels like, what it looks like, what it sounds like, even what it tastes like. You’ll be absorbing them into your subconscious and carrying them into your conscious life so nothing will stop you from charging forward and achieving your goals.


Day 26: Owning Your Health

In this session I remind you that you are 100% in control. You have complete power over your body, your mind and as a result, your health. You create the reality you live in. You decide your achievements, and you decide your limitations. Only by deciding to own your responsibility can you take back your power.


Day 27: Love Yourself

In today’s session, I’m going to help you explore the judgments you make about yourself in a safe and loving space. You’ll discover positive affirmations to silence your self-criticisms and learn to accept yourself without condition. You’ll experience how incredible it feels to be loved, honored, respected and accepted by the uniquely wonderful person that is you, carrying that feeling with you at every step of your weight loss journey.

Day 28: Making Weight Loss Easy

Today, we’ll look at unhelpful patterns that you’ve struggled to break and the emotions and sensations it evoked in you. You’ll explore the path and the cycles you’ve been through and I’ll give you the tools to interrupt it and replace it with a healthier behavior.

Day 29: The Key To Lasting Success

In this session, I’m going to show you how to push through excuses to supercharge your self-discipline. Using powerful visualizations, you’ll go back to a time in your life when you failed to achieve your weight loss goal. You’ll visualize having another chance and you’ll be able to recognize the internal shift when it starts to happen again. And then you’ll simply let go.

Day 30: The Road Ahead

In the final 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge Session, we’re going to reaffirm your commitment and give you the tools you need to continue with your new, healthy lifestyle. You can listen to this powerful visualization session every day to keep you motivated as you move towards your weight loss success.

Get 7-Days Of Full Access For $1 - Then Just $27/Mo - Cancel Anytime - 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! Simple!



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