How I Transformed My Wealth, Health, Confidence, Relationships, And My Entire Life With A Secret Hypnosis Hack... And How You Can Use This Amazing Method To Transform Your Life In Less Than 20 Minutes!


Hi, I’m David McGraw.

A proud husband and father and a passionate self-development specialist, I’m devoted to helping people unlock their power, overcome their obstacles and unleash their potential.

Using techniques derived from meditation, guided imagery and neurolinguistic programming, I’ve developed Limitless, an innovative series of self-development programs.

Combining progressive relaxation and powerful guided visualization exercises, each program focuses on helping you to overcome a specific challenge, such as:

  • How to overcome anxiety, depression, guilt and anger.
  • How to break free of negative self-concepts and self-defeating behavior.
  • How to conquer the fear of failure, success and rejection.
  • How to adopt the "challenge mindset" that the most successful have mastered.
  • How to end self-sabotage and reinvent your entire life.

I founded my strategies on the principle that you hold infinite power within you. Every tool you need for success and happiness already lies within your mind. My role is to help you remove mental obstacles, tap into this power and focus your mind on achieving your dreams.

After 15 years of working closely with clients, I’ve guided people through every type of experience imaginable. Together, we’ve successfully overcome every fear, problem, challenge and trauma a human being can face.

It’s an indescribable honor and a privilege to see client after client rediscover their power, break through their barriers and transform their lives.

My passion for personal development goes back a long way. The son of  Meditation specialist, I developed a fascination with meditation and visualization before I could write my own name!

After witnessing the life-changing power of these techniques in my Fathers’ work, I knew that my future lay in self-development.

I studied Psychology at Athabasca University and gained my Masters in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching. I then trained in the Sedona Method of emotional healing and completed Jack Canfield’s renowned Success Principles Advanced Coaching Program.

Since then, I’ve become a trusted authority in self-development, helping over 1.2million people to write their own success story using the power of visualization.

From stay-at-home moms and entrepreneurs, to business tycoons and famous actors, I’ve discovered that nobody is immune to self-doubts and limiting beliefs. But, just like they did, you can overcome them.

I believe that you have the power to create the life of your dreams. If you’re ready to take the first step, I’d love to welcome you to the Members Area and help you on the path to peace, success and happiness.

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