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I’ve always believed that the most significant victory one can aim for in life is to have the inner-belief in oneself to create the life of their grandest dreams and make those dreams come true.

This is how the Wright brothers finally achieved man’s historic quest to fly and revolutionized air travel in the 20th century.

How the horizons of man became unlimited with the great scientific achievement of putting a man into space and landing upon the surface of the moon.

And how Roger Bannister demonstrated the power of belief intrinsic to man by running the first mile run under 4 minutes. Even when doctors and educated professionals suggested it was physically impossible for a man to run a mile under 4 minutes.

Whatever your dream is in your heart and mind… Whether it’s to build your dream home, have more free time with your family, a new luxury car, the opportunity to become an entrepreneur working on the beach, or to be a philanthropist who’s determined to make the world a better place for future generations…

Having the self-belief and the inner courage to step up and declare, “yes, this is my time, I can create this,” is the greatest freedom that every one of us has the opportunity to enjoy.

I walk my path in life with an unwavering attitude that every one of us can accomplish anything we put our minds to.

Hi, my name is David McGraw, and I’m grateful that our paths have intersected. My life work, and my calling is to empower those who want to achieve their highest goals, experience more freedom to do what they love, and make the world a better place, with the self-belief and inner courage they need to make it so.

If you have a dream or desire for your life and want to make it a reality, I believe I have some time-tested knowledge and practical strategies that can assist you in making it happen.

When I’m not writing and recording new material for my clients, I enjoy experiencing the beauty of nature during my daily hikes through the hills of the majestic Niagara Escarpment near my home.

I’ve always been an outdoor enthusiast. As a young boy living in the country, I’d spend hours hiking through the forests with my beloved dogs. My favorite memories of my youth are sitting under an old willow tree, with my dog, and enjoying a good book. Today, I still love to hike, meditate and write in the forest where time seems to stand still.

When I’m not meandering through the forest, you can find me at my son’s hockey games or my daughters' baseball games. Or enjoying a glass of wine with my beautiful wife in our hot tub.

Thank you for taking the time to connect, and the best way to learn more about what I do is to take a trial and enjoy some of my audio recordings.

All the best,

– David