Crush Self Doubt And Never Be a "Doormat" Again!

Have you been living your life as a “door mat”? Do you feel that others have taken advantage of you and your sensitivities? Maybe you generally feel unappreciated at home or work?

Your sensitive nature is a divine gift, if you learn how to harness it with strength and confidence. There is a way to live with an open and strong heart. This coaching session will show you how to do just that.  I will be your personal coach and guide you to powerfully create a new life with a strong foundation of trust and openness.

In this life-changing session, I will show you how to repair years of feeling abused, unappreciated and/or exploited. I will show you how to repair and heal your damaged self-image and self-esteem.

There really is no need for years of therapy or to drudge up and relive old, painful memories.  All of that will be healed when you listen to this session and it becomes incorporated into your powerful subconscious mind.  Change and transformation will begin to unfold for you organically, with ease and grace.

In this deeply moving session of Be Strong, you will also learn how to:

  • create confidence in yourself to live out your heart's desires
  • take calculated risks and reap awesome rewards in all areas of your life
  • accept support from others, without sacrificing your integrity
  • give support to others, without being taken advantage of
  • release hurtful and damaging memories from the past
  • gain strength and confidence in all situations
  • create and maintain limits and boundaries with others, while living with a heart wide open
  • be a confident leader at work and become someone that others look up to
  • create harmonious and fulfilling personal relationships
  • experience reciprocity in your relationships and interactions
  • speak your Truth and live from a place of integrity

If you are tired of living for others, instead of yourself, then this powerful coaching session of Be Strong will show you a new way to live- one with confidence, strength and integrity.

This guided relaxation coaching session has been carefully designed to assist you in achieving a state of inner peace and serenity. As you follow this coaching session, you will begin a process of lasting, positive change. I recommend listening to this session at least once a day for 30 days and then as needed.

Please Note:  This recording guides you into a deeply relaxed state. DO NOT listen to it while driving a car or doing anything that requires your full, undivided attention. Pick a time and place where you won't be disturbed. You may prefer to play the recording at bedtime.  You can fall asleep at the beginning and be assured that your subconscious will continue to follow the imagery.