Neuroplasticity: The Secret to Rewiring Your Brain for Greatness


We used to think that certain traits and abilities were innate or fixed. You were either intelligent, or you weren’t. You were either good at math, or you weren’t. You were either motivated, or you weren’t. That was just who you were, and there wasn’t much you could do about it.

Recent research has flipped this idea on its head and completely changed

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The Super Hero Technique

There’s a memory from elementary school that haunted me all the way into my twenties. I’d ended up on the wrong side of the school bullies, who had turned the entire grade against me...

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Stress And Weight Gain – Uncovering The Connection

If you’re chronically or frequently stressed, your body exists in this state of high alert constantly. You’re always anticipating the need for energy, so your body holds on to any excess fat it can get. It often breaks down...


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The 6 Money Myths That Sabotage Your Financial Happiness...

Most people would say that they’d like to be wealthy, but the average person would rate their chances as pretty low. Why is this? If being wealthy is such a big dream for so many people, why do so few of us actually achieve it?

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Motivation: Why You’ve Lost It, And How To Get It Back.

It’s involved in everything from sex, love and lust, to addiction, impulsiveness and cheating, to attention, focus and yes — motivation! Its role depends on the pathway it takes through the neurons...

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How Visualization Can Quickly Transform Your Life...

Napoleon Hill was a 20th-century author known for writing one of the best-selling self-help books of all time.

Think and Grow Rich was based on Hill’s belief that in order to achieve any goal, you must have a strong, unrelenting expectation of success...

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What Are Your Goals?

Hands up if you’ve ever set a New Year’s resolution?

I have! Unfortunately, 92% of people abandon those goals by February every year. I did, and the chances are you have too. This phenomenon isn’t restricted to New Year’s resolutions either, with as many 95% of goals in general thought to end in failure...

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How To Be Free From Stage Fright...

Imagine your boss has asked you to give a presentation at a major conference. Just you, on a stage, in front of 500 of your industry’s most influential players. It’s a chance to impress them and your boss. If it goes well, who knows what this could mean for your career?

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Here's What You Need To Know About Hypnosis...

When I talk to people about hypnosis, I’m always struck by just how many misconceptions surround it.

There’s a popular image of a slick mind-control artist with a swinging stopwatch, guiding his subjects into a trance-like state where they obey his every command, but it couldn’t be further from the truth!

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The Secret To Attracting Your Soulmate

15 years ago, I met an incredible woman named Jamilee. I was on vacation in the Bahamas, and we met on a snorkeling excursion. I was alone and she was with her girlfriends, but I eventually plucked up the courage to go talk to this beautiful stranger...

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The 14 Incredible Science - Backed Benefits Of Meditation

Back in my early twenties, my life was dominated by fear and anxiety. I was so scared of speaking in public that I chose to drop out of business school rather than give a presentation to my classmates...

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Why A Confident Mindset Matters

It’s often said that confidence is the key to success, and study after study is showing this to be true.

Researchers at the University of Melbourne found that those who rated themselves as more confident earned higher wages and were promoted sooner...

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