One man who has a confident mind and knows it can always beat ten men who haven't and don't.

~ George Bernard Shaw


The Ultimate Confidence For Men Course Is...

The Fastest Way You Can Become THE Alpha Man, Take Charge Of Your Life, Radiate Masculinity, Make More Money And Live A Kick-Ass Life - In As Little As 20 Minutes A Day!


Welcome to the Ultimate Confidence For Men Series .
I know that as you spend the next 14 days listening to these powerful sessions you will become more confident in many areas your life!
This new confidence will change your life – perhaps leading to a promotion in your job, being viewed as a confident leader, becoming more attractive to women, drastically improving your relationships and sex life!
And much more!
The unique feature of most of the sessions are that they feature “binaural beats”  — which allow my words to more gently enter your subconscious mind. The binaural beats bring your mind to pure relaxation.
You don’t have to follow the words — just relax and let them do the work. This gets you deep into your subconscious, where all your ideas, dreams, and breakthroughs come from.
For best results – listen to one session per day and repeat until you become the Alpha Man that is in your Core!

Be the MAN you want to BE! ‘Masculinity’ is very misunderstood. And under-appreciated. But it doesn’t have to be.

This coaching session shows you how to take the NATURAL MALE inside you and ‘turn on’ the switch that separates you from the rest of the pack. It’s your LEADERSHIP switch — and it’s what gives you CONFIDENCE and SWAGGER that others find comforting, reassuring, and attractive.

You’ll see and experience the difference between what you’ve been ‘told’ is a good way to be — and what others really WANT you to be.

For instance, while some people would rather us be more sensitive, nurturing, and caring — those qualities are fine… but what most women secretly want is a man who is masculine. A man with determination, confidence, power, leadership, and strength. They want a man who they can count on when the going gets tough. A man who can handle defeat without blaming others. A man who has pride in himself without being boastful. And a man who is not afraid to face danger square in the eyes!

That’s how you’ll be able to FEEL when you finish listening to this session. Each and every time, it re-trains your brain to get rid of old hang-ups or guilt-ridden feelings.

You’ll be able to understand yourself better, and react to your inner drives and impulses better, too. You’ll exhibit a great sense of CONFIDENCE in your power to BE a strong and effective leader.

After each time you listen to this session, you’ll be a new man. A stronger man. And a more ‘alpha’ man.

Get ready, because your NATURAL MALE ‘switch’ is about to get flipped on! Take the time now to take a chance on yourself. When you’re ready – lets begin the session – be sure to wear headphones for the best results – listen to this session often as each time you hear it you’ll strengthen your confidence!

33PlayfullyFlirtingWithConfidenceYour confidence with women is about to get a whole lot better… How a simple “re-styling” of your self-image 
can attract the women YOU want — without
 ANY effort on your part!

• Awareness of your own innate attractiveness

• Confidence that keeps you at the top of your game at all times

  • Self-assurance that comes from knowing you can be as impressive as you want to be

All of that is now possible when you listen to the powerful visualization sessions I’ve designed just for guys like you who want to excel at being “THE MAN” that women want. It’s no secret that your MIND is the #1 force in how you relate to the opposite sex.

Your communication skills come directly from what’s been programmed into your mind – as “scripts” or “tapes” you play.

Likewise, your “self-image” is a direct result of what’s “RECORDED” in your mind. But now there’s a way to “re-write” or “over-write” the program that’s been preventing you from achieving the success you want with the opposite sex.

In “Flirting with Confidence” – my new audio  session available to my subscribers – I delve into the hidden forces that stop us from being “all that we can be”… and all that we should be.

You’ll learn how to master your thoughts simply by focusing, as you listen, to the transformational messages that will become a second-nature part of you as you live them out.

You’ll attain new heights of self-confidence that automatically make you a “natural” at romance and courting.

Flirting will cease to be difficult. In fact, it might even become too easy!

Listen now to find out…

The skill you want to have with women is not an impossible dream. No, sir. You can BE the attractive, well-liked, ‘put together’ man that all the women are looking for. It doesn’t matter what you ‘look’ like. If you’re not a Cyclops, you’re good!

Women want QUALITY, not quantity. And it’s the qualities in a man that you can now EASILY POSSESS with just the re-drawing of your mental image.

My coaching session on ‘How To Feel More Confident Around Women’ will be your answer to a lifetime of frustration and anxiety and fear.

You’ll learn to release and remove old bad habits and replace them with the attractive new qualities that women find so very irresistible. For example…

• You’ll be able to approach women with an air of confidence — and without any fear or hesitations.

• You’ll be able to know instinctively what to say to her to make her feel comfortable and interested in you.

Imagine being able to do that!

Would you have the courage to meet that special someone?

And wouldn’t this help your chances of dating the women you desire?

Take the time now to take a chance on yourself, And start living the life you’ve dreamed of — now made real…!

When it comes to developing your executive abilities … the ability to manage, the ability to delegate, the ability to make decisions in a timely manner when you need to, and others … it really comes down to your frame of mind. How you think, the process you use to form your management style, is something that you can control. By focusing on … not really changing, but modifying the thought processes that you embrace when you are in your quote/unquote executive mode … this is how you can become more effective at administering and managing your business, whatever it is. S

o today we’ll work on developing the way you think about your executive abilities and finding new ways to retrain your mind so that you not only feel more comfortable leading other people and your company … but also so that you can be more successful in your business and everything else you do in your life.

The way you think about your abilities and the way you recognize what you are good at and what needs to be improved is the best way to make real changes that can result in genuine improvements.

One of the things we are going to do in this session is focus on your ability to successful negotiate any situation … whether it’s a business deal or simply working with another person to get them to perform better and contribute more to the organization.

You’re going to leave today’s session feeling more confident about your ability to not just negotiate, but to lead people and your business to success!

Here’s the fastest method to become more powerful, successful and determined!

In this new and powerful session you’ll awaken within you the solutions to any dilemmas that may be challenging your success. After listening to this session a few times you will:

  • Breakthrough your unresolved inner wounds that could be holding you back!
  • Dis-empower your inner critic!
  • Bring your mind, ambition, and confidence into full-blooded alignment!
  • Banish obstacles from your conscious mind and replace them with confidence, ambition and drive!
  • Unleash a determined new belief in your abilities – nothing will stand in your way!

This is the REAL deal!

Your subconscious mind may have controlled your actions in the past but this session puts you back in the drivers seat with explosive ambition to succeed! Listen with headphones for best results.