Your Best Self: Ultimate Hypnosis Confidence For Women

This hypnosis recording is a Dual-Induction session, which means you’ll hear my voice on several tracks overlapping with each other. Don’t worry about trying to concentrate on each one - simply relax and let your subconscious do the work! As you listen, you’ll quickly feel a much deeper meditative state come over you, enjoying a much higher level of total relaxation. This deeper induction allows your subconscious to open much wider and release more hidden blockages than ever before! This recording is most effective when experienced through headphones, so be sure to plug in.

Are you a woman who feels you have lost your way? Maybe you have been stuck, stagnant and lost, either recently or in the past. Do you feel like “something” is missing in your life? Maybe you know what “it” is... or maybe you can't quite pinpoint it.

You have been waiting and searching long enough to find that “thing” that will make you whole, happy and fulfilled.

This “thing” I speak of is something that you do not have to seek out and find. It is already inside of you- waiting to come out and be revealed. To be nurtured and integrated into your being.

What I am referring to is your Self-Confidence. I know for sure that you have this confidence already inside of you, it is innate- even though it may not make its appearance often. I know this because every single one of us has this confidence, this esteem, inside of them.

It might have been buried under years of struggle, heartache and misfortune. Or maybe it was not reinforced in you by your caregivers. Or life circumstances have given you a good reason to not feel very good about yourself. Maybe you feel like you have never had positive, healthy self-esteem.

This IS something that you can change. The power of our minds- more specifically our thoughts- determine so much in our lives. They are a powerful force. So many people do not realize this fact.

Your self-confidence comes from your thoughts- your “programming”. This “programming” can be positive and beneficial, or it can be negative and have unintended and unwanted effects.

Changing our thoughts will lead to a healthier and stronger self-confidence and self-image.

I have created this session of Your Best Self: Confidence for Women to help guide you along this journey. It is much easier to change when you have support along the way. Let me, and this empowering session, be the support for you.

I have spoken with and consulted hundreds of women to create this very special session- just for you. I know it will have amazing effects on how you view yourself, how you feel and interact with the world. Your new found confidence will soar.

Once you have healthy self-confidence, you truly become unstoppable. Your innate gifts and talents will come to the surface and shine through. New opportunities will be created for you. A life that you never had imagined for yourself will be at your fingertips.

I know this to be true and have seen it occur with clients that I have worked with in the past all over the world.

In this moving and life-changing session of Your Best-Self: Confidence for Women, I will also show you how to:

  • truly embody self-love in all that you do
  • release any negative thoughts and emotions and return to your true loving Self
  • lead an authentic life- one that truly feels like you
  • create amazing opportunities for you and your life by following your curiosity, passion and desire
  • speak your Truth, from your open and loving heart
  • have a healthy, happy and whole self-image
  • feel empowered everyday and in all your interactions
  • release negativity and past failures and hurts in order to make room for positivity, success and happiness
  • share your gifts and talents with the world
  • connect with others at a deep, soul level
  • create healthy and fulfilling relationships in every area of your life
  • build a strong self-confidence that will be a foundation for the rest of your life

If you are ready to truly be and experience the very best version of yourself, then begin this powerful and uplifting session today.

Now is the time to take back your life and re-write your story. Now is the time to change your thoughts and release what is no longer serving you.

Now is the time to write your story- one of confidence, authentic power and clarity. A story filled with amazing life opportunities, love and fulfillment. This all can be yours for the telling.

To your Best Life!

I recommend listening to this session once daily for a minimum of 30 days for the maximum benefits and results.