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From: David McGraw, Ph.D

Dear Friends,

Are you tired of that endless craving? You know, that one thing (cake, chips, soda, fast food) that you can’t get yourself to break free from, yet! 

You keep saying you’ll never consume it again, or at least cut down from it, but it keeps luring you in…

And after you've used all of your willpower to avoid it, you end up feeling completely drained and exhausted...

It almost feels as though you have no control, just thinking about it, or trying to not think about it, makes you want it even more!

And every time you break down and eat it (yet again) you feel lousy, defeated and wonder why you even try…

It lowers your self-esteem!

It keeps you overweight and unhealthy!

It makes you feel unmotivated!

It’s probably costing you a lot of money, not to mention how bad it is for your health…

And let’s face it, it’s probably the main reason why you continuously struggle to lose weight, true!?

Good news, it's not your fault and I can help…

After working with thousands of client who’ve struggled with unhealthy cravings…

I’ve found the solution!

 I created a new game-changing hypnosis technique that will put an end to your craving - once and for all!

With my new hypnosis technique, I make your subconscious mind believe that your particular craving, is disgusting.

And because your mind can't tell the difference between something real or imagined, hypnosis makes this rather simple to do. 

I use a powerful hypnosis technique to change the association you have in your mind… from I can't resist it, to there's no way I could possibly eat that! Safe, easy, and extremely effective!

Now here’s how I can help you…

I’ll make you a custom hypnosis session that will end that craving

Imagine being able to walk past that cake, fast food or chips or whatever else pulls you in…

Imagine how much your self-esteem will rise…

Imagine how impressed others will be with your new willpower superpower!

Imagine how much healthier and happier you’ll feel (and look)

Imagine how much money you'll save!

All you need to do is make a decision now…

You can say no thanks and keep being a slave to that craving…

Or you can say YES, order one custom hypnosis recording that I will personally write and record, to help you end that craving forever. 

I say go for it! 



Q. How long does it take to receive my custom recording?

A. It will usually take a couple of days to fulfil an order depending on how many orders I receive. It’s best to order now and get in front of the line.

Q. What do you need from me?

A. I’ll simply ask you for the one craving you want removed and 5 things that totally gross you out (the more disgusting the better). I’ll use your answers to make a specialized hypnosis session to hack your mind into believing this particular food is disgusting. And then you’ll no longer crave it. 

Q. Does it really work?

A. Yes, I’ve used this technique with many clients and it works faster than anything I’ve tried in the past. On a side note: Tony Robbins uses a similar technique with his celebrity clients, and he charges a heck of a lot more than I do.

Q. How will I receive the custom hypnosis recording?

A. I will send you a link through email, that will provide you with an MP3 file to download and also a link that you can stream on any device.

Q. What can’t I do with this custom recording.

A. Because the background music is licensed with a 3rd party, you can not upload your custom recording to any video or music channels and make it available to the public. Doing so could end up having that account deleted or worse.  

Q. If I don’t receive any benefits from it will you offer a refund?

A. Yes, Absolutely! 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. If you know me, you’ll know that I take a lot of pride in my work. My greatest desire is to see my clients achieve the health and self-esteem they want. If you’re not happy for any reason (although I know you will be happy) I’ll refund every cent. 

 Q. I have more questions?

A. No worries, simply ask in the chat box and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.


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