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Hi David!

My name is Andrea Taylor, and I have been a paying subscriber to your site for probably at least the last 4 years! I absolutely love your site and everything about it!! Your recordings have helped me so much in my life to overdone my fears and pursue my dreams!

Since I first started listening to your recordings, I've developed a bit of a social media presence on move_yo_asana, I now teach yoga full-time (fear of public speaking and of being the center of attention held me back for years!) and work for myself as an independent massage therapist; which also took a lot of bolstering myself up to get over the idea of not 'working for someone else' and just believing I was capable of creating my own business.

Reflecting on all that I've done and all that's happened since I first started listening to your recordings, I've come a long way with my vision, and believing in myself!

Your service is truly useful to me, and I love all of your recordings so much!

Andrea Taylor
Andrea Taylor Move Yo Asana
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