How Can We Help You?

What is Neuro-Editing Technology? +

Neuro-Editing Technologyâ„¢ are streaming audio sessions, recorded by David, combining NLP, Dual Induction, Meditation and Advanced Visualization that are designed to create lasting positive change in your life. These Neuro-Editing Coaching sessions create changes in your thoughts and behaviors through positive affirming messages, allowing you to release any negativity and anything that no longer serves you.

Is it ok if I fall asleep when listening to the sessions? +

Yes. It is perfectly fine if you fall asleep while listening to the sessions. They are very relaxing! Know that your subconscious mind is still receiving the messages of the session.

How often should I listen to the sessions? +

Working on 1-2 areas of improvement at a time works best. Listen to 1-2 sessions daily for a month. It is best to listen every day. After the month, you can move on to another 1-2 areas/sessions, or continue listening to the previous sessions for another month.

When is the best time to listen to the sessions? +

This is completely your choice. Some people like to listen before they begin their day, others enjoy it in the evening before sleep. Try both and see which you prefer.

What if I don't lose weight [listening to the Weight Loss Challenge] in the first 30 days? +

Most people will notice weight loss in the first 30 days, however, individual results vary. If you have not lost weight within the first month, or have not reached your weight loss goal, try consecutive daily listening for another month.

Will I have to listen to the sessions for life? +

Many people will notice positive results and changes in their life within the first few weeks. Some people enjoy listening for many months to years, others re-visit the sessions periodically during times of change, stress, or as a mental 'tune up'.

How do I cancel my Limitless Membership? +

If you wish to cancel your Membership, please contact us below with the email you registered with and your first and last name.