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From the Desk of David McGraw, Ph.D

Toronto, Canada

Hi Friends, 

I’ve been hard at work on a brand new course for you this last year, and I’m excited to announce that my brand new Exemplar Technique course is now live

Do you ever look at someone you admire, someone who’s absolutely crushing it in life, and think: if only I could be a bit more like them… 

Brave enough to go after what I really want, instead of settling for less (and resenting every moment).  

Determined enough to see my goals through, instead of getting disheartened when things get hard. 

Tough enough to face my fears and win, instead of letting my limiting beliefs hold me back. 

Guess what? You ARE like them! You were born with the exact same set of traits as these go-getters and high achievers. 

But the strength of each one can determine whether you live a life full of rewarding experiences, deeply satisfying relationships, and unstoppable success… 

…Or whether you sit on the sidelines watching other people live your best life instead.  

Those people out there killing it? They’ve worked and developed and grown each of those strengths, just like a muscle. In my new Exemplar Technique course, I’m going to show you how you can do the same.  

Here’s how it works…

First, you take a free character strength test that shows you “the real you” – the strengths that you already have, and the weaknesses that are holding you back.  

One by one, you take your weakest traits and turn them into strengths using my Exemplar Technique. Inspired by a Meditation and Peak Performance course I studied at Harvard, this technique relies on a powerful hypnosis method used by Olympic athletes, brain surgeons, Navy Seals and other elite performers

You choose an exemplar, somebody who has already mastered the character strength you want to build. While you listen to one of 24 specially created visualization sessions, I guide you as you bring their strength to life and take their energy into the very core of your being.  

As you work on each strength, you build that “muscle” until you reach peak performance, just like your exemplar. That’s how they achieved greatness, and you can do it too – it really is that simple!  

You’ll also get full access to my library of 100+ guided visualizations on everything from wealth-building and weight loss to leadership and life purpose. 

Give me 30-days and I’ll show you how the Exemplar Technique can change your life. If it doesn’t, you can cancel, no questions asked. But if it does, then you’re about to take the first step towards your very best life…

I've been a member for years now and would honestly never be without it! No matter what is happening in your life, on any given day you can find exactly the right meditation that you need. I can't quite put into words the impact these meditations have had (and continue to have) on my life. I recommend becoming a member to everyone!

- Stacey Hill

I listen to these visualizations as a matter of habit when I am facing personal and professional challenges. I have previewed many of David McGraw's programs and recommend him highly to patients and friends.

- Dr. Ahimsa Porter

Hi David, I've been a members for 6 years! Your recordings have helped me so much in my life to overcome my fears and pursue my dreams! I've come a long way with my vision, and believing in myself! Your service is truly useful to me, and I love all of your recordings so much!

- Andrea Taylor

 Join thousands of VIP Members today and get instant access to:


The 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge is a 4-week intensive hypnosis program specifically designed to help you:

Unleash the positive psychology within you, so that you can quickly achieve the desired weight, and body you really want.
Reprogram “out of control” eating habits so that you make eating healthy easy and automatic.
Step into positive thinking and let go of the “stressed out negative Nancy” once and for all.
Transform feelings of overwhelm, anxiousness, worry, and painful emotions into pure personal power.
 Watch the pounds and inches disappear from your body in just days or weeks - guaranteed.
* Includes 30 Weight Loss Hypnosis sessions.


The Exemplar Technique is a series of 24 online Character Strength Training sessions that shows you how to:

Discover the ranking of your individual 24 Character Strengths from highest to lowest and learn your best qualities (free character strength ranking quiz included).
Increase all 24 character strengths using a powerful new hypnosis method inspired by a Peak Performance Specialization Program at Harvard University (now used by Olympic Athletes, Navy Seals, Brain Surgeons, and other Peak Peak Performers).
Boost your level of happiness, confidence, energy, perseverance, and well-being.
Lower depression, unhealthy habits, self-sabotage, anxiety, and stress.
Discover greater meaning and purpose in all areas of life.
 * Includes 24 Harvard inspired peak performance hypnosis sessions.


The 30-Day Ultimate Success Challenge is a 4 week peak performance mindset training, that shows you how to:

Program your mind with over 97 pillars of success, based on David’s certified training in Success™ at Wharton Business School, Penn University.
Develop a winners mindset with grit, perseverance, confidence, and resilience.
Train your mind to automatically attract success with personal magnetism, charm, and leadership.
Build your strengths and use them to get what you need, gain power and influence, and leverage relationships and alliances to achieve your goals in both business and in life.
* Includes 30 Neuro-Editing hypnosis sessions


I'm sober! Alcohol and drugs are no longer a part of my life!! I've lost over 50 pounds, manifested my dream job, bought the car of my dreams and also the brand new home of my dreams. My life continues to EXPAND. I'm LIMITLESS!!!! Thank you David and everyone involved!!! I owe my life to you and your webpage!!!! My palms are together and my head is bowed!!! Namaste

- Martin Crow

David, I continue to use your amazing sessions religiously and have been telling everyone I know about them. I can feel a huge difference when I skip a day or two. ‬Your sessions are the best and just most wonderful I have ever experienced in my life. I listen to them religiously.

- Mariam Chemmoss Multi-Talented Actress and Musician

Hands down the best investment I make every month. 100% changed my life in every single way!

- Keith Kalfas

BONUS: Goal-Setting Secrets & Mastery Workbook

Inside, you’ll find 20 short but impactful exercises to help you:

Set goals in a way that sets you up to WIN!
Create action plans that put you on the fast-track to success.
Use scientific tricks to hack your motivation and build momentum.
Destroy those limiting beliefs that have tripped you up in the past.

Reprogram Your Mindset For Ultimate Wealth, Abundance, Health and Success - Get Ready To Thrive & Achieve The Success You Desire - No Matter What!

NOW ONLY $27/Month - Easily Cancel Anytime!

About David McGraw, Ph.D.

A Harvard Medical School-Trained Meditation and Peak Performance Specialist who has discovered and created programs to battle his own relentlessly low self-esteem. David McGraw has used his techniques to inspire a movement of health, wealth, and happiness, reaching every continent on earth. With over 6 Million downloads of his Neuro-Editing Hypnosis sessions, his breakthroughs have transformed millions of lives to enjoy greater satisfaction, success, and true happiness.

How Do I Access The Recordings?

Simply create a username and password, log in and you'll have instant access to everything.

Are The Recordings Downloadable?

The recordings are not downloadable. The files are simply too big too many. You can easily stream all of the sessions 24/7 with an internet connection. 

What Is Neuro-Editing Hypnosis?

  One of David's most innovative and powerful hypnosis recordings for transformation are Neuro-Editing Hypnosis sessions, which allow you to hear his voice on several tracks that overlap with each other.  During each Neuro-Editing session, the tracks are designed to penetrate deep into your subconscious so it can release old toxic programming that no longer serves you. You’ll experience a much higher level of relaxation, instant calm, improved sense of well-being, protection from stress-related diseases, and many other physical and emotional benefits. 

Do You Offer Personal Coaching?

David's personal coaching service is currently full. He does offer coaching to Members when available.

Do You Have A Guarantee?

Yes a full 30-day guarantee! If you're unhappy with your results (or anything else) just let us know and we'll refund every penny.

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