The character strength of leadership means you naturally motivate, lead and inspire others to follow.

As an effective leader, you typically assume the dominant role in not only social interactions but business interactions as well. You are an excellent listener who pays attention to the opinions and feelings of others in a group setting. You are easily able to manage a group and help achieve goals in an amicable manner.

Research findings on the benefits of leadership include:

  • Leaders are respected and valued by others socially, and they experience the benefits of being held in high esteem and highly respected by their peers.
  • Leadership is directly related to conscientiousness, emotional stability, good social intelligence, bravery, and greater levels of overall intelligence.
  • Capable leaders are skilled at bringing out the best aspects of their peers. As a result, leaders are better enabled to utilize character strengths by expressing curiosity, creativity, prudence, honesty, zest, social intelligence, and self-regulation.

Who did you choose for your exemplar and why? Please share in the comments below. 

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