Transcendence: Living in the Now - When You Live Fully Present In The Moment You Become Free Of Past Regrets and Worries About The Future

“As soon as you honor the present moment, all unhappiness and struggle dissolve, and life begins to flow with joy and ease. When you act out the present-moment awareness, whatever you do becomes imbued with a sense of quality, care, and love - even the most simple action.”
― Eckhart Tolle

You have probably heard the phrase “living in the now” before. But, what does it mean and how is it helpful to living your best life possible?

Living in the present moment, also referred to as 'mindfulness', is the sole topic for this visualization session. It is a daily lifestyle that makes your moments truly come alive by showing up and being present for yourself and your loved ones.

According to Jon Kabbat-Zin, who is an author, mindfulness teacher and the founder of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program at the University of Massachusetts Medical Program, states mindfulness as:

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; On purpose,
in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.”
It centers on the here and now, rather than yesterday or tomorrow. It focuses on being present with each moment, rather than wrapped up in your thoughts, anxieties or worries. By looking at the world (and living in it!) in this way, you can experience life more fully and joyfully than you ever have before.

You will be more positive, feel less stressed and experience more overall energy. Life truly will become brighter in color and more meaningful. You will focus more on the positive aspects of living and be able to release negativity more easily.

In this powerful session of Living Now, I will also guide you to:

  • live fully aware and awake in the present moment
  • be more mindful in your daily life and your interactions with others
  • incorporate mindfulness tools into all that you do
  • use visualization techniques to change your relationship with time
  • live more freely and joyfully by focusing on the here and now
  • identify over-thinking and learn to be more present in your body
  • identify your emotions and handle them in a constructive manner
  • have more positive thoughts and release negative ones easily

This session of Living in the Now, will truly change you and your life. The time is now to experience such a shift. If you have been going through life half-alive or always distracted and detached, then I welcome you to your new way of living and being.

To Living in the Now!

Please Note: I recommend listening to this session of Living in the Now daily for a minimum of 30 consecutive days for maximum benefit and results. I also recommend listening to this session with stereo headphones for the benefit of the binaural beats*.