Learn the “secret science” of Lucid Dreams – 
and you’ll never have a “boring’ night’s sleep,
 ever again!

What is 'lucid dreaming' and how can you use it to your advantage to create new possibilities and opportunities in your life?

In this session of Lucid Dreaming, I will teach you the secret science behind this phenomenal gift and show you how to use it in your life to create amazing realities.

Lucid dreaming touches us on a profound level and awakens our consciousness to new worlds with wonderful possibilities.

Lucid dreaming is something that does not happen easily or often for most people. That is precisely why I created this session- to create more lucid dreams for you to experience every night. It truly is a remarkable skill to possess.

Lucid dreaming is a special kind of dreaming, one in which you realize that you are dreaming and are able to control the outcome of the dream by the power of your mind. This is a completely safe and natural state.

This allows you to create what you want in your dream and in your waking life.

You can create new outcomes, possibilities and opportunities by changing what and how you dream!

For instance, if you’re trying to learn a new skill, overcome a bad habit, gain more confidence, or really any other goal you want to accomplish, you can learn how to use lucid dreaming to accomplish the “impossible” all while you sleep!

Lucid dreaming happens just after the onset of REM sleep. During this time, you get to choose your actions and exert deliberate control over the dream content. I show you exactly how to do that in this session.

Lucid dreaming been scientifically tested and recorded by means of electro-oculograms on a polygraph record.

Reports from experiments conducted using eye movement signalling in lucid dreams can be found in the scientific literature.* The results truly are powerful.

Lucid Dreaming can become an outlet for fantasy, an opportunity for adventure, but one unfettered by laws of physics or society. Use it simply for “recreation” or relaxation – or in a practical way for artistic creativity, problem solving and accomplishing your goals.

With the skills you will learn from this session, you can go from the average of having one lucid dream per month, to having four or five per NIGHT!
I thoroughly explain everything you need to know, including what precise cues to use to activate this remarkable skill. Then I guide you step-by-step through the process. This session is thoroughly enjoyable and also deeply relaxing.

If you are ready and willing for a new way to create great things in your life, this session will help you accomplish just that. All your dreams await you!

*Dane, 1984; Fenwick et al., 1984; Hearne, 1978; LaBerge, Nagel, Dement & Zarcone, 1981; Ogilvie, Hunt, Kushniruk, & Newman, 1983