Natural Healing Meditations


This hypnosis recording is a Dual-Induction session, which means you’ll hear my voice on several tracks overlapping with each other. Don’t worry about trying to concentrate on each one - simply relax and let your subconscious do the work! As you listen, you’ll quickly feel a much deeper meditative state come over you, enjoying a much higher level of total relaxation. This deeper induction allows your subconscious to open much wider and release more hidden blockages than ever before! This recording is most effective when experienced through headphones, so be sure to plug in.


Meditation has been touted as the cornerstone of health and wellness. You can literally transform your mind, body and spirit through the practice of meditation.

Scientific studies show that meditation can have profound healing on one's physical, mental and emotional health. According to research from WebMD, just 20 minutes daily of a meditation practice can heal the mind and body by reducing physical and emotional stress, healing ailments (such as high blood pressure, psoriasis and fibromyalgia) and also increasing the immune system response.

One type of meditation is 'guided meditation', as you will find here in Natural Healing Meditations. This is where I will guide you along a meditation practice. All you need to do is listen to my voice and let my words sink deep into your subconscious mind.

Natural Healing Meditations is an advanced healing guided meditation that I created just for you, from my years of research and study with advanced meditation teachers and practitioners. This session is designed to take you into a deep, meditative relaxed state where you will be able to access a place of profound healing and transformation.

This session was further designed for you to be able to access your core being and achieve inner healing and peace. You will be guided to release everything that no longer serves you- old injuries, wounds, illnesses and/or negative experiences. I will guide you to let these go fully and completely so they no longer affect you in any way.

In its place, you will send a loving message to all the cells in your body to return to their natural, perfect form. Your entire body will again function fully and perfectly, as it is designed to do. You will transform any dis-ease in your body. You will be left with wholeness and feeling complete.

In addition, Natural Healing Meditations will teach you to:

  • Activate your subconscious mind to program your whole being to be strong and healthy
  • Send positive messages to your subconscious mind to allow its natural healing energy
  • Unblock any possible resistance or negativity
  • Release anything that is preventing the flow of health
  • Allow healing energy to naturally permeate every cell of your body
  • Utilize your subconscious mind in order to speed healing
  • Heal mind, body and spirit with the loving support of your higher power


I know this is a meditation that you will fully enjoy listening to over and over again. I receive emails, often daily, from Members telling me how much they benefit from this session and how it has transformed their life. They now feel more “complete, healed and grounded”. I want you to experience life in this way too!

Please note: As with any relaxation or meditation session, do not listen to while driving a car or doing anything that requires your full, undivided attention.