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  • Martin C. Martin C.
    Just a note to say thank you! Since becoming a member of your site I have gone from being homeless, unemployed, and overweight, with diagnoses of major depressive disorder, PTSD, and bipolar... It's ALL changed. I bought the car and brand new home of my dreams! I’m working the job of my dreams, I’ve lost 55 pounds, quit smoking and drinking, got healthy... My whole LIFE has changed! Again, thank you!

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  • Mariam Chemmoss Mariam Chemmoss
    David, I continue to use your amazing sessions religiously and have been telling everyone I know about them. I can feel a huge difference when I skip a day or two. ‬Your sessions are the best and just most wonderful I have ever experienced in my life. I listen to them religiously. They’re so pure and echo divine truth at once. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. I can’t wait to check out more of your visualizations! Blessings

What’s Holding You Back From Taking the World By Storm?

From the Desk of: David McGraw

Toronto, Canada

Dear Friend:

You’ve already accomplished so much in life.

Maybe you’re a forward thinking entrepreneur, a passionate coach, a salesperson, a dedicated health care professional, a business owner, an artist or author, or a super mom who is raising a family.

You already know how to fuel your life by doing what you love.

But If you’re like many passionate individuals, you may feel like you’re just spinning your wheels.

You know you have reservoirs of talent, skills and innovation that aren’t being fully utilized.

So you know you’re not as far along as you should be.

You may want to become a leader in your field… positively impact other people’s lives with your unique talents… and become financially prosperous.

So what’s holding you back from the next level of success?

Do you….

  • Feel like you're not as far along in life as you should be by now?
  • Feel worthless or inferior compared to your competitors?
  • Feel like you’re a fraud, and secretly suffer from “imposter syndrome”?
  • ​Feel under-valued, under-appreciated, or taken advantage of?
  • Feel like you’ll never realize your full potential?
  • Feel frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed?

Here’s what you urgently need to understand…

Your problems have nothing to do with the million and one excuses you keep telling yourself!

The Key to Moving Forward is to Change Your Mindset.

The real reason for your self-doubt is that it's coming from old “programming” deep inside of you.

Those negative beliefs about yourself were installed at a very early age before your brain had even fully formed.

And the kicker is they’re not even based on your own ideas!   

They’re actually coming from other people in your childhood who projected their own insecurities and negative believes onto YOU.

They may have been your parents, siblings, teachers, or childhood friends.

And they’re sabotaging your efforts to create the happy and fulfilling life you deserve.

So it’s no wonder you feel anxious, fearful, insecure and unable to move forward.

The REAL Reason You’re Stuck in Your Tracks is NOT Because….

  • You’re not trying hard enough.
  • You don’t have enough money or time to grow your business.
  • You’re not smart enough.
  • You lack specific training and/or degrees, diplomas or certificates.
  • You don't have the resources or enough time.
  • You’re not lovable enough.
  • You’re not good looking enough.
  • You’re not in a relationship.
  • You had an unhappy childhood.

Or any of the other million and one excuses you keep telling yourself. 

The real problem is your inner “Negative Nancy” that’s between where you are and where you want to be.

That’s why searching for “magic pill” solutions outside of yourself are guaranteed to fail.

Quick question….

How Much of your Hard-Earned Money and Precious Time Have You Wasted on “Personal Development” Courses? 


If you’re like many people who want to heal past trauma, you’ve been looking for the solution in all the wrong places.

You may have already spent tens of thousands of dollars on therapists, self-help books, Law of Attraction “gurus,” and life coaches who merely repurpose the same “feel good” cliches from each other.

When one doesn’t deliver hoped for results, many people are off to another retreat in Sedona, or the latest Law of Attraction course or they travel to India to meditate on painful childhood memories on a mountain top.

It’s a never ending cycle. 

But all you’re doing is running around in circles… and draining your bank account

The Definition of Insanity is Trying the Same thing Over and Over Again, and Expecting Different Results.


Here’s how personal development programs can sabotage your progress…

They believe for transformation to occur, you need to constantly rehash painful memories ad nauseam.

But here’s the rub….

What we focus on, expands.


So by constantly digging for your hundreds of limiting beliefs to "fix" them… you’re not only making those neural synapes stronger… you’re making it more difficult for yourself to transform.

And you ultimately become more anxious, fearful, and pessimistic.

You see, all their feel-good mantras are in conflict with your internal wiring.

That’s why you can practice positive thinking until the cows come home…

Or send loving kindness meditations to yourself until your blue in the face…

Those affirmations will be in conflict with your subconscious old “wiring,” such as not feeling lovable or worthy of success.

So instead of moving into the financially abundant, successful and exciting future you long for…

You only end up reinforcing that early neural network, and just continue spinning your wheels.

Isn’t it time to get off the personal development roller coaster?

Especially since….

You’re chasing after something that you already have! 

Your Successful and Confident Future Self is Instantly Accessible Without…

  • Spending hours in deep meditation.
  • Spending years in therapy rehashing your unhappy childhood.
  • Reading every self help book on the market.
  • Attending countless webinars, seminars and audio sessions.
  • Constantly regurgitating old painful memories.

Here’s the great news….

My 30-Day Ultimate Mindset Challenge Will Show You the “Secret” to Tapping Into Your Unlimited Potential.

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My breakthrough 30-Day Ultimate Mindset Challenge is a practical, easy-to-follow system that helps you stop focusing on your painful past… and instead focus on who you want to be moving forward.

You’ll learn how to “uninstall” those internal programs from your past that no longer serves you….

And “reinstall” more powerful and positive programs that are aligned with the next level you wish to create.

Think Imagining Your Future Self into Existence Sounds Like Science Fiction?  Think again!

Science has confirmed the phenomenon of the brain processing the imaginary images, and how that manifests profound results in the outer world.

  • A study conducted by Harvard University compared the brains of people playing a sequence of notes on a piano with the brains of people imagining playing the notes. Remarkably, the region of the brain connected to the finger muscles was found to have changed to the same degree in both groups of people, regardless of whether they struck the keys physically or in their imagination.
  • Sports figures have also benefited from imagining. Several studies have shown that athletes can improve on their golf shots, tennis strokes, net shots in basketball, ice skating, football or other sports through this same visualization process.
  • Studies confirm that people can increase their muscle strength by imagining themselves flexing muscles or lifting weights. In a study conducted by the Lerner Research Institute in Cleveland, participants who imagined flexing their little finger for 15 minutes daily for 3 months were shown to increase muscle strength by 35%... and the volunteers hadn’t even lifted a finger!

My Weight Loss Program on YouTube Has Been Watched 5+ Million Times and Helped Thousands of Grateful People Lose Weight… and Keep it Off. (in a mind-blowing short amount of time)


Using these same proven strategies, you can also step into your future self and lose weight, manifest wealth, land your dream job, create a successful business, find the ideal partner, or whatever else your true self desires. 

You’ll no longer be held back by your outdated, toxic belief system.

How does it work?

The human brain works same for all of us, no matter what we do or where we’re at in our life.

We were all born with the same internal hardware. 

The specific details of your past trauma doesn’t matter a hill of beans once you understand how that hardware works. 

Through Neuro-Editing, you can finally move forward into your ideal future without all that past baggage.

And transform yourself in truly extraordinary ways.

You’ll discover how to edit your early toxic “programming,” and start manifesting unlimited creativity, power and intelligence.

Your Future Self is Waiting For You Right Now (And Wondering Where the Heck You’ve Been!)


Real, positive and lasting change only happens when you change your early brain neuropaths. 

That’s accomplished only one way… by focusing on your future self, rather than constantly regurgitating painful memories.

My revolutionary Neuro-Editing techniques present your subconscious mind with the ideal vision of the future that you wished for….

…. and then strengthens those new empowered neural connections with positive and powerful intentions, and affirmations in the present.

Next, you’ll find yourself automatically doing what’s needed to remain in that high frequency mindset, and you’ll start achieving unlimited professional and personal growth. 

Finally, your past trauma will no longer be able to sabotage your future.

And you’ll finally manifest the abundant, successful and joyful future you.

And that’s your key to powerful and lasting change.

The 30-Day Ultimate Success Mindset Challenge Combines the Best in Science, Psychology, Quantum Physics and Spirituality for REAL Results!


In just 30 days, you’ll change the neural connections that are biologically driving your beliefs, thoughts and actions. 

My system consolidates my own groundbreaking Neuro-Editing techniques with the most proven and effective transformational information from the greatest scientists, personal growth leaders, quantum physicists, spiritual teachers and philosophers in the world.

And engaging and easy digestible audios on psychology, neuroscience, and personal growth that you can listen to at your convenience.

Imagine being able to instantly download into your brain and subconscious mind the most evidence-based success, wealth and abundance concepts in just 20 minutes or less each day. 

You’ll walk away from the 30-Day Ultimate Mindset Challenge with your mind always working 100% For You, rather than sabotaging all your efforts to get ahead.

You will have supercharged your drive, passion, power to and belief in yourself again. 

And finally free yourself from the negative bias of your own thoughts. 

Here’s What Grateful People Are Saying….

Doctor Recommended!

  • Dr. Ahimsa Porter Dr. Ahimsa Porter
    I listen to these visualizations as a matter of habit when I am facing personal and professional challenges. I have previewed many of David McGraw's programs and recommend him highly to patients and friends.

Lost 90lbs in 90 days...

  • Danielle Marie Mansfield Danielle Marie Mansfield
    "I just wanted to thank you for changing my life!! After my divorce I listened to all of your (30) new weight loss meditations every night as I went to bed. I lost 90lbs in 3 months!! I’m a firm believer in everything you do and recommend you to everyone I know!! Thank you so much!!

  • Stacey Hill Stacey Hill
    I've been a member for years now and would honestly never be without it! No matter what is happening in your life, on any given day you can find exactly the right meditation that you need. I can't quite put into words the impact these meditations have had (and continue to have) on my life. I recommend becoming a member to everyone!

How Much is Learning How to Step Into Your Successful Future Self in Just 30 Days Worth to You?


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Why am I giving the 30-Day Ultimate Mindset Challenge away for peanuts? 

My mission is to make my program accessible and affordable to everybody who wants to create a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

For the rock bottom price of just $7 each month, you’ll receive….


  • My complete Subliminal Mind Series ($297 Value)
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Total value: $4,997

Access 100+ Powerful Neuro-Editing Sessions!

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Each session will focus on a new topic to help supercharge your life, including….


Access 100+ Powerful Neuro-Editing Sessions!

Only $7/Monthly - Cancel Anytime - 60 Day Guarantee! - Simple!

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My name’s David McGraw, M.Sc and I’m a trained Meditation, Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming Specialist.

There was a time when I was terribly anxious, broke, lonely and unhealthy. The truth is, my self-esteem was simply non-existent!

Today, thanks to the techniques you’ll discover inside, I’m a happily married father and successful business owner. I want you to have access to the same great opportunities I had to unlock your potential.

Hope to see you on the inside.

To your success,

PS: Remember… for a limited time only, you’ll receive $4997 worth of bonuses for FREE when you join the 30-Day Ultimate Mindset Challenge for just $7 per month. There are no long-term contracts or hidden costs down the road. You’re free to cancel at anytime, and you're fully protected with a no-questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Access 100+ Powerful Neuro-Editing Sessions!

Only $7/Monthly - Cancel Anytime - 60 Day Guarantee! - Simple!

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