On The Move Playlist: Train your mind for peak performance and success while you walk, exercise or drive. (No Echo Option Below)
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Welcome to the On the Move Series .

When you’re juggling the demands of a busy modern life, it can be hard to find time for yourself. You’d love to work on your health, sharpen your skills or shake off your hang- ups. But when you’re rushing from one commitment to another, personal development feels like a luxury you don’t have time for.

I get that. As a father of two and a business owner, I often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day! But I know that my family and my business are both at their best when I’m at my best. My solution? Personal development on the go!

I’ve designed the On the Move series to help you work on your goals anywhere, anytime. These 10-15 minute sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into even the busiest of schedules and give you a short, sharp boost when you need it most.

The series is inspired by the highly effective principles of neurolinguistic programming, or NLP. Each session uses upbeat music and positive affirmations to put you in a motivated, focused mindset and power you forward towards your goals.

You can listen to the sessions anytime you like. Working, exercising, driving, shopping, cooking - whenever it’s convenient for you.

There’s something for everybody, no matter what your goals and dreams. Could your health use some attention? The Ultimate Health session will inspire you to take control of your body and mind, while the Boundless Energy session will get you fired up to take on the world. And if you’re hoping to lose a few pounds, the Weight Loss Accelerator will give you the motivation you need to discover a trim, healthy new you.

Has your confidence taken a beating? The Unstoppable Confidence and Breakthrough Anything sessions pack the perfect 1-2 punch to help you supercharge your confidence and smash through any obstacle in your path. Combine them with the Confidence Accelerator and watch as your confidence soars.

If career success is your goal, plug in to the Ultimate Success session and focus your mind on rocketing to the top of your game. If selling makes your stomach do somersaults, then add the Sales Success session to overcome your anxiety and become a master salesperson. Combine with the Peak Performance and Motivation Spark sessions for a mind that’s fine- tuned to win, and top it all off with the Wealth Accelerator to create abundance you never thought possible.

With the On the Move series, you can do all this without missing a beat. Simply plug in your headphones and carry on with your day, knowing that your mind is becoming more powerful and your dreams are getting closer by the second.

Are you ready? Browse the full series now and let’s get started!