Rock-Solid Personal Power - Discover How Extraordinary You Really Are!

If we truly want to create a life that is grounded in basic well-being, we must decide to commit ourselves to learning what it takes to thrive instead of merely survive. ~ Susan Velasquez

If you have struggled throughout life with low self-esteem, poor self-image or lack of confidence than I want to show you a way to turn all of that around and reclaim your personal power.  I want to help you to heal the damage that may have been caused by insensitive parents, teachers, past relationships or unfortunate life events.

All too often we have lasting emotional damage and wounds inflicted upon us by another's careless or hurtful thoughts and/or actions.  These wounds can stick around for life. They can be continually reactivated and replayed in our mind, as negative thoughts, often known as “programming”.

This emotional damage can also be demonstrated in our actions.  This looks like making the same poor choices or demonstrating self-defeating/destructive behaviors over and over again. Or repeating the same life lesson several times until we truly “get it”.

These emotional wounds can lead to many unwanted circumstances and negative choices in our lives.  Leaving us with a life that is less than desirable and causing us great emotional pain.  This is oftentimes the case when we have unhealed and unresolved issues from our past.  Now is the time to learn how to fully and completely heal once and for all.

This method of healing is not taught to us, not from school and usually not from our families.  We have to learn how to identify these wounds, where they stem from, in order to fully heal and thrive in life.  This is how we become a truly empowered adult.

This healing work does not have to drudge up or open any old wounds.  This session of Personal Power will work with the power of your subconscious mind to erase and release this negativity once and for all.  This process will not be emotionally painful for you.  In fact, it will be relaxing and liberating.

If you have had negative programming, self-defeating thoughts and/or low self-esteem for most of your life, I want to show you a better way of living.  A more peaceful, empowered way of being.

This session of Personal Power will take you into a state of deep relaxation through the cutting-edge techniques of binaural beats and dual induction*.  You will experience a level of relaxation that you have not experienced in a long time, if ever.

Then the power of my voice, carefully constructed verbiage and relaxing music will gently and effectively erase years of doubt, damage and negativity.

In this new place of clarity, will be mental programming of uplifting, empowering and affirming thoughts and images.  You will feel lighter and more at peace.  You will feel a personal power that you have never felt before.  You will feel like you can conquer all that you set your mind too.  And you will be able to!

This deeply moving visualization session of Personal Power will also guide you to:

  • overcome low self-esteem
  • transform self-criticism into loving self-affirmation
  • be more compassionate, accepting and loving of yourself in all facets of life
  • create and sustain a positive self-image, including a positive, healthy body image
  • be empowered and make choices accordingly
  • erase years of self-doubt and lack
  • live an authentic life and take care of your emotions

Begin today and live an empowered, authentic life on your terms.  Sit back and enjoy this relaxing, moving visualization session and then again for a minimum of 30 consecutive days.  I recommend listening with stereo headphones for the benefits of the binaural beats.

Please note: This session, as with all sessions on this site, do not listen to while driving or doing anything that requires your full attention.