“In a vineyard, one grape will begin to ripen and in so doing will send out a vibration, an enzyme, a fragrance, or an energy field of some kind that is picked up by the other grapes. This one grape signals the other grapes that it is time to change, to ripen. As you become a person who holds only the highest and best for yourself and others in your words and thoughts, you will signal to all around you simply by who you are that it is time for a change. Without even trying, you will raise the consciousness of those around you.” ~ WILL BOWEN

Are you looking to create more wealth and abundance in your life?

Maybe you are wanting to turn your life-long negativity around and begin having positive, optimistic thoughts everyday?

Maybe you are wanting a life, career and relationships that are rewarding, fulfilling and reciprocal? Do you want to lose weight and be in the best health of your life?

Most of us do!

Regardless of what you are desiring and longing for in your life, this ground-breaking session of Positive Affirmations will help you achieve just that!

How can I be so sure of that?

Well, if you have never used 'positive affirmations' before, then get ready to discover all the power they truly hold. This session of Positive Affirmations will literally re-wire your brain, your neural circuitry.

So before, where you used to have negative, limiting thoughts and beliefs- you will have affirming, positive thoughts and beliefs. Where you used to feel scared, inadequate and limited- you will feel brave, competent and limitless. And the very true adage of “thoughts become things” has never been more true than here. When you change your thoughts, you create a new reality for yourself, in all aspects of your life.

This session of Positive Affirmations will turn around your limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, feeling stuck and spinning your wheels. When you re-wire your neural circuitry (your mental programming) your energy also changes. This happens at a subtle, yet very powerful, level. Nothing you can see, but everything you will experience. You will begin attracting people, opportunities, ideas, to you that you have never had before.

Things will begin to look differently to you, because now you will be seeing life through a new lens. You will have a new lease on life. Simply put- you will be on fire! Things will come easier to you and life will unfold more graciously, effortlessly. All of the things you have been dreaming and desiring for yourself and your life, will come to you.

This is the power of the mind and the effectiveness of this Positive Affirmations session. If you are ready to experience your new life, your new reality, then begin this session today.

I recommend listening once daily for a minimum of 30 consecutive days. For the best results, listen to this session with stereo headphones to experience the power of dual induction and binaural beats.

Here's to your best life!