Top 10 Daily Practices of Loving Relationships


Living with those you love—whether they be mates, children or older parents—brings intimacy and stresses that are different from other relationships.

Here are 10 daily practices that help keep the love flowing and the relationships growing.

1. Share something from your day. Involve your loved ones in your life outside the home—or inside your heart.

2. Express gratitude. Show that you notice their daily contributions to the family and your life. Receiving a “thank you” for doing the dishes or taking out the trash feels soooo good!

3. Eat dinner together. Connecting with each other over food is an ancient human practice. It’s worth it to make time for this warming activity.

4. Do something for yourself. Doing what nourishes you strengthens your relationships.

5. Smile. Laughing is even better—especially if it’s at yourself!

6. Express regret and make up. The sooner the better. And from a truly open heart.

7. Take responsibility. Renew daily your vow to hunt out your own “stuff,” to own it as yours, and to do the work of transforming it.

8. Be a sanctuary. Give psychic “shade” to each other from the scorching rays of difficult days.

9. Speak from the heart. Risk telling the truth about your feelings.

10. Envision the best. It’s a wonderful bedtime meditation to visualize your loved ones inhabiting their highest, best selves.